Town Life

when all is dark

and the clouds open up

and the winds begin to blow

the streets of my little town empty of life

at least the life I’ve known

but then I sit and listen

to another force take form

rising from rooftops

rising from the storm

rising from the cobblestones

and unlatched, metal gates

the town which seems devoid of life

begins to animate

the metal caps on old smokestacks

sing their clattering songs

the shutters and blinds of vacant homes

prompt spirits of their own

a battered, old cat in search of food

wails a sorrowful tune

the ebb and flow of the rain and the wind

beget a mournful mood

the gutters gush down ancient walls

the puddles turn to pools

incited by the raindrops

and lamplights burning true

shadows of towering trees

dance like ghosts in the gusts

shaking their limbs in a ghoulish jig

fevered and frantic and rushed

yet as the clouds go on their way

and pools disappear down the drains

the soul of the town is hushed again

by the calamity

by the humanity

by the dawn of another day

Author: Anne Celano Frohna

I have been writing for as long as I could hold a pencil in hand and would not feel complete without it. And I actually made a meager living at it (and as an editor) for 25 years. I worked for newspapers and magazines, in graphic arts and advertising, and wrote several local history books. But I have also taught English in Japan, been a Nanny in Italy, worked in and for museums, was an Airbnb Superhost for four years, as well as an Etsy shop owner where I sold vintage items I found over the years of thrift and yard sales. After moving to Arizona with my family in 2010, I completed a series of different writing projects, including two books of creative non-fiction: Just West of the Midwest: a comedy (Based on journals I kept during my two years as an English teacher in rural Japan.) Within Close Range: short stories of an American Childhood (Short stories and poems about growing up as the middle of five children in suburban Chicago.) I've also written children's stories and continue to write short fiction, but have recently found my voice in poetry. This blog, however, is where my greatest passion comes alive. I am also a mother of two wonderful girls, Eva (23) and Sophia (21) and wife to one wonderful husband, Kurt.

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