My Ignorance Exposed

Each day I am enlightened 

My ignorance exposed

to the calculated evil

of ensuring one race triumphed

Riding high and unchecked

on the backs of the enslaved

Pushed to the ground, again and again

Generation after generation 

All carried out by weak, little men

petrified some might be better than them.

Such shame.

Such lies.

How did and do they sleep at night?

Wake up.

Learn the truth.

Hear their stories.

Give them voice.

Scream it out.




Author: Anne Celano Frohna

I am a writer, a mother of two girls, Eva (22) and Sophia (20) and wife to one husband, Kurt. I was mostly a professional writer and editor for 25 years for graphic arts and advertising, for publishers of newspapers, magazines, books, etc.,. Now, I have this blog where I post my creative non-fiction, short stories, a couple of illustrated children's stories and a comedy I wrote about two years I spent teaching English in rural Japan (NOT a story for a child.). I also have a shop on Etsy called ChannelingNonna where I’m selling the many vintage treasures I’ve collected over the years and continue to hunt down at thrift stores and yard sales.

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