Within Close Range – The Youngest

We watch the station wagon back out of the driveway.

Mom waving through the open window before slowly pulling away.

It’s just a few errands.

But Mark is inconsolable.

Tries to follow her.

Chris sweeps him up.

But he squirms with all of his might and wins the fight.

Just as Mom drives out of sight.

He falls to his knees and on to all fours.

Then the youngest of five laments the loss.

By slamming his soft head on the hard blacktop.

Speechless and helpless, I run to the sidewalk and look down the street.

Hoping Mom will somehow see me and circle back to the unhappy scene.

But I watch the wagon’s taillights disappear as Mom turns the corner.

So I turn back toward the house and Mark, in Chris’s arms.

His forehead swollen, bleeding and pockmarked from the pavement.

His tears subsiding, but his eyes still hopeless.



And I feel helpless.

Author: Anne Celano Frohna

I am a writer, a mother of two girls, Eva (20) and Sophia (18) and wife to one husband, Kurt. I was mostly a professional writer and editor for 30 years for graphic arts and advertising, for publishers of newspapers, magazines, books, etc.,. Now, I have a blog where I post my creative non-fiction, short stories, a couple of illustrated children's stories and a comedy I wrote about two years I spent teaching English in rural Japan (NOT a story for a child.). I’m also working on a new blog about the wonderful, hand-crafted items I've collected over the years at beautyofthrift.com. - which will also connect to the Etsy shop I recently opened called Channeling Nonna. My husband and I both love to cook and to entertain and have welcomed friends and family to our homes for over 20 years. With our eldest off at college, we also began hosting with Airbnb, the perfect (and most natural) way for me to continue to pursue my passion of writing, while at the same time help us pay for current and future college expenses.

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